Wednesday 20 May 2009

Bug in Ubuntu jaunty

There seems to be a problem in the jaunty jackalope release. Namely the sqlite3 version you can get with the package manager has a serious bug that prevents some programs from running. I found this out when I tried to run mach.

Apparently that version (and a few older ones) don't allow the creation of a column named release without quoting it. And guess what mach tries (or, rather yum, but I don't know which of these names the column). The bug is described here.

Ubuntu's version is 3.6.10, installing the latest one (3.6.14-1) seems to have fixed the problem.

Installing the latest version of sqlite is done like this:
  1. Download the amalgamation package from the download page.
  2. Extract the package and cd to that directory.
  3. Run ./configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install.

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