Friday 12 June 2009

More on digital photography

And just as soon as I wrote about digital cameras I came across a magazine review about HD quality digital video cams. They are pretty much what I suggested would be the ideal camera for most people. 3 megapixels, enough zoom, good lenses (aperatures could start at something like f1.8 and even at full tele be as low as f3.0 although I don't know how these work in low light), compact and decent still picture quality.

Only thing is they need to be a bit less expensive, in Finland these cost from 700 and up. Once these drop to sub-500 euros for a decent one (there are some available in US in that price range but they seem to have a few compromises too much), anyone who isn't dead serious about filming should consider one of these babys in the near future. You would get a HD quality video cam that you can also use to take your holiday shots with!

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