Wednesday 24 June 2009

What's wrong with these people?

I'm all for digital rights and all that. Everyone should have the right to say how their creations can be used. If they want money for their track, software or whatever, fine. We then pay or not use their product.

But sometimes (quite often these days, it seems) the digital rights' people make it very hard to support these rights even though I know that in the end piracy hurts the artists the most. I've seen some ridiculous claims (like having to pay $80,000 per downloaded track) but this case really takes the biscuit.

Honestly, what sort of imbecil thought of that? If I knew piracy only damaged these idiots I would be all for it. Every time you think these people can't come up with a more stupid idea they do. The only reason I can think of for these is that they have a bunch of lawyers working for them on result-based salaries. No lawsuits, no salary. The other alternative is they have some sort of competition on who can come up with the most ridiculous idea to take to court.

Maybe it is time to look at this again. Demolish ASCAP and other organizations like it because it's obvious they have grown way beyond their means. Their job should be to support the artists, not come up with ideas that make more people turn against legitimate products and into piracy. It's obvious ASCAP has far too many employees when they have time to use their time on something like this.

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