Friday 4 September 2009

More on Gitorious installations

So, turns out my advice in the earlier post wasn't quite true. Sure, the installation goes through and you can connect to the site but trivial stuff like using the repositories doesn't. Turns out the reason is that Gitorious doesn't really support sub uri's, it expects to be in the site's root. Thomas Schamm has modified the source in his repository (check out the sub_uri branch) which I haven't had time to test yet as I have been trying to merge that to the mainline (there is some stuff there that I don't really need). It does force gitorious to be in the /gitorious sub uri, but I guess that's not too much to ask. But the downside is this version forces it to be located in that sub uri, it doesn't work from the root any more. This will be reason enough for the Gitorious developers not to take this feature into their mainline. I think I'll have a look at how to fix this at some point.

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