Friday 2 October 2009

Redmine installation issues

There are some more straightforward ways to install Redmine than what I have discussed earlier, as this wiki article describes. But my method also seems to work - I have now deployed Redmine in production.

Also, it seems installing plugins to Redmine is really easy if those plugins are in GitHub. Couldn't get any easier, all you do is run script/plugin install git:// and hey presto!

Getting LDAP to work with Redmine was really easy as well. The Redmine guys have written short instructions that tell almost all you need. And that's all you need, LDAP support is written directly into Redmine meaning you don't even have to configure your webserver.

Linking Gitorious repositories to Redmine is a bit annoying thanks to the fact that Gitorious hashes the repository names. The solution I came up with is a crontab task that creates links in the form of project/repository.git (i.e. in plain text) that link to the Gitorious repositories. I can then link from these links to the repositories in Redmine, meaning I don't have to dig up the hashed directories from Gitorious by hand.

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  1. Launch of eGangLion -Project Management Center

    saurabh agarwal
    Hi All,

    I am happy to announce the launch of ( eGangLion means center of activity energy ).
    eGangLion is based on Redmine and can be used for project management , I am planning to keep the services free as long as I can.

    I welcome you all to use eGangLion for your projects and provide any suggestions/updates for eGangLion , I will be happy to incorporate your suggestions.

    Welcome to the eGangLion community.

    Team eGanglion.