Monday, 26 April 2010

Huawei e169 HSDPA and Windows 7

A lot of people seem to have problems getting the Huawei e169 modem to work on Windows 7. I have a fairly old version (I got it about a year ago) and did notice that the instructions given for Win XP and Vista didn't work. I got the stick to work without updating the firmware by doing the following in our Acer mini laptop:
  1. Boot the laptop without the device attached.
  2. Attach the device and wait a bit.
  3. Remove the device, wait a few seconds and put it back in. Wait until the device driver has been installed (Win7 said something about this in the lower right hand corner).
  4. Reboot.
  5. Win7 again opens the dialog that asks if it should run the autorun program. This time do it. This will install the Mobile Partner.
After this I had to fix some settings in the Mobile Partner to get it to work with my ISP but after that the device worked.

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