Saturday 20 November 2010

soundKonverter failing to convert FLAC to AAC

Looks like something was broken in Kubuntu 10.10 because converting FLACs to AACs seems to have stopped working in soundKonverter. I let Dolphin convert my CDs to FLAC and then use soundKonverter to convert them to AAC for iPod. Last time I did this (not too long ago) everything went smoothly, now soundKonverter just told me the conversion had failed.

After some digging I found out that the log was actually in ~/.kde/share/apps/soundkonverter/log (obviously I first looked in /var/log). The logs told me "Unknown encoder 'libfaac'". The package was there, though.

Googling, I came up with this page. I first tried installing ffmpeg, x264 and libx264-dev by hand, but that didn't help. But following the instructions to the letter did (though I use aptitude instead of apt-get). It's just somewhat annoying having to install packages outside of the package manager.

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  1. So many solutions to convert FLAC to AAC:

    1. Format Factory. A converter which supports convert FLAC to AAC;

    2. HandBrake: A converter and editor which has the feature of converting FLAC to AAC;

    3. A widely used method: Google Search "FLAC to AAC - Easily Convert FLAC to AAC on Mac and Windows", and you will find out a lots of solutions.