Monday 15 October 2012

Rendering issues with Google Chrome on Linux

This was driving me nuts. Things worked on a Windows box, but in Linux Google Chrome had lots of problems rendering web pages. Main issue were CSS layers which were partially transparent or otherwise incorrectly shown but I also had issues with showing the text I typed into some text boxes. I also had other random issues which I think had to do with AJAX, e.g. on RYM I could not add ratings because clicking the stars wouldn't show anything (well, I could do it blind). There were plenty of pages with these issues, some pages were all but rendered useless.

Finally I found a reason and a solution: the GPU accelarated renderer seems to be very buggy. You can disable this by --disable-accelerated-compositing to the command line parameters, and at least so far everything seems to work well!

1 comment:

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