Tuesday 4 December 2012

Pidgin pounces and viewing files in Linux command line

Couple of quick hints:

I was getting a bit annoyed with all the Pidgin pounces (popups telling me someone has logged in). I tried to remove them by selecting the buddy from the contacts list, "Add buddy pounce" and removing the selections but this did exactly nothing.

The way to remove this is not quite as obvious: Select Tools -> Plugins. Select libnotify in the list and click "Configure plugin". There you can deselect "Buddy signs on" and "Buddy signs off".

An even simplier trick that has helped me with using the command line: I usually search for files, even PDF's and the like with command line tools (find etc) since it's the fastest way. But what to do when you find what you are looking for? Open the directory with Nautilus? Tedious. I added the following to .bashrc:

alias v='xdg-open $1'

After this I can open any file with "v " provided file type has a default application.

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