Friday 13 September 2013

Copying from GVim

I had this annoying and weird problem with copying stuff from GVim to other apps. I just couldn't get it to work, no matter how many instructions I followed. I verified with xclip that none of the choices worked ("*y, "+y or painting with mouse). Funnily enough copying to GVim did work.

I still don't know what the full problem is, but I noticed I had been using vim-athena which does have xterm clipboard enabled (every instruction tells to check this first and most also end there) but not mouse. I don't know what that mouse option does since the mouse did work.

In any case, I installed vim-gtk2 and I got this to a working condition. Well, mostly. I can use the X clipboard ("*y) and I can use the mouse, as long as I click directly to the correct window with the middle mouse button. So I can't first activate the other window with the LMB or this doesn't work. Also system clipboard ("+y) still doesn't work.

But I can live with this, this was by far the most annoying problem I have had with vim so far. This is a deviation from other apps, since I can select other windows before copying the X clipboard.

So if you have the same issue with GVim in Linux, try the other versions of graphical vim and see if it helps.

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