Saturday 27 January 2007

Deep Purple: The Collection

I bought some albums from a local shop and wrote a review for one of them to RYM.

Not exactly the best possible Purple collection but well worth the 5 euros I paid. Purple isn't exactly a difficult band when it comes to making a collection. They have a distinguishable sound and Blackmore's riffs are great so it's almost enough to just throw enough tracks together to fill an album and it sounds great.

Well, almost. This compilation has 9 tracks, two of them live and I do find some of selections maybe not ones I would pick. Easily the best pick of the lot is the live version of Smoke on the Water where Blackmore plays that world-famous riff with great power and strength. Sound quality also varies among the tracks and the tracks sound very different, some sound like they were recorded in a large open area, some lack clarity and so on. So it sounds like the tracks really were only thrown together and the publisher didn't try to match the tracks to make this compilation sound a whole. It's a problem with many collections, and very much so in this case.

Still, sounds like a good album to have in your car. Purple is great music for car journeys, it's easy to imagine your right foot pressing down.. not an ideal starting album for Purple but the live version of Smoke alone makes this worth picking from a sale basket.

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