Monday 16 July 2007

Helsinki / The Who concert

I visited Helsinki last week to see The Who in their last concert during their 06/07 tour. It was a great gig, unfortunately people weren't allowed to take pictures, but I later took some when walking around downtown Helsinki.

I also wrote a short review of the gig to RYM.

An absolutely brilliant gig. So many highlights that I don't know where to start. "Behind Blue Eyes", the acoustic stuff by Townshend alone and with Daltrey, brilliant version of "Won't Get Fooled Again" before the interval and the Tommy stuff after the short break. The Who played a few songs from their new album, "Endless Wire" but mostly this was a greatest hits collection, and with this band, it's no problem filling two hours with absolutely fantastic songs.

This was easily the best gig I have ever been to, and judging by the comments I heard from people afterwards (and in various music shops the next day) I wasn't alone in thinking this. The stories that The Who is in great live form are absolutely true!

I have to say I was mightily pissed I didn't manage to get category A tickets but in the end I think I might have gotten the better deal. The people at the floor level all stood up so I suspect anyone under six foot two couldn't see much while I had a very good view, although I could have been a bit closer to the stage.

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