Wednesday 14 October 2009

Changing user names in Gitorious

It seems there is no mechanism for changing a user name in Gitorious. I was using the wrong one in one server so I decided to change it straight from the database. After that I kept getting "You don't have write access to this repository" but no matter how hard I looked everything still looked fine (git configuration, ssh key's fingerprint etc). Looking at pre-receive-guard.log, I noticed that for some reason I was trying to access Gitorious with the wrong user name which happened to be the old one. I even deleted and re-added the ssh key just in case.

A bit of digging revealed that the problem was simple: the old ssh key was still in ~git/.ssh/authorized_keys and being the first one it was used instead of the one connected to the new user name. Deleting this key from the file was all that was required.