Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Nokia S60 Music Player bug

So I got this new N86 8MP since I wanted a phone with a good camera (and N86 has the best Nokia has to offer) that could also replace my iPod which is breaking down. I think the hard drive is giving up. I went for Nokia because I'm used to them and the T9 works ok with Finnish as well. Other makers' phones tend to have problems with that.

I bought a 16GB memory card and copied some stuff there. The OVI Suite, unsurprisingly, didn't work too well so I reverted to keeping the folders in order by hand. This worked well to start with but then I added a few new albums to the card on the weekend and blast it! The band nor the albums were nowhere to be seen in the library. The tracks were in the track listing, though, so the player could see them.

I spend a good time figuring out the problem, including checking the ID3 tags and trying to fix them. Fortunately I finally found this link and following those instructions the music library was once again updated. This rebuilds the entire library. Fortunately it's that easy so I can just about manage even if I have to do it every time as I don't add new stuff that often.

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