Friday 23 July 2010

Gaming problems

Gah, it seems I always find the odd problems in SW.

Like when I tried to install Baldur's Gate and BG2 + EasyTutu. EasyTutu is a nice mod that allows you to play BG with the BG2 engine and "easy" refers to the fact it's supposedly much easier to install than the plain Tutu.

First problem I hit was that BG wouldn't install. I found out that I did manage it in safe mode, but that's obviously a bit painful. Later I discovered that setting the computer to Gaming mode with Game Booster also does the trick, which helped a lot.

Anyways, BG and BG2 were installed and patched. Next problem was that EasyTutu failed almost at the last hurdle when it was installing some core files (tutucore.exe is some such) claiming it didn't have access to ".\". Which is directory the installer supposedly created. I think the problem is/was that the directory was created read-only. And after the failure, the install app cleaned the directory.

I got around this by killing the setup with task manager and running the last app by hand. First time I thought I had done something wrong because the game wanted CD 2 in the drive and I didn't realise it was for BG2, not BG. Next day I figured this out, but obviously I needed to install everything one more time.

Plain Tutu didn't install either, instead it crashed.

Now I think I'll risk it and install the Widescreen mod that allows screen resolutions more fit for modern LCD screens.

Another problem I had was with my mouse, a Razer Copperhead. Apparently it's a common problem where the mouse button starts generating double clicks instead of single ones. Fortunately it seems I managed to fix it quite easily by opening the mouse. Here's how:
- The screw that holds the mouse together is under the back slider on the bottom. Just peel off the slider and you should see the screw. Make sure you have the right size screwdriver because it's pretty tight and you might damage it otherwise.
- The top slides off by pulling it backwards. Might be a bit tight, but don't overdo it or you might break something.
- The offending part is a small white button on top of a slightly larger black one. I used a flat-head screwdriver to pull it very slightly up and then I pushed it back down. That's it.
- While you are at it, you might remove the excess lint around the wheel as well.
- Putting everything back together is just a reverse of pulling it apart. It took me a while to get the top back on, but the trick was to push it forward, it doesn't just snap on.

There's an other way that might work if you don't want to open the mouse.

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