Tuesday 13 July 2010

Useful tools for debugging a DNS server

Having been trying to set up a DNS server and a domain with bind9, I have found the following commands useful:

dig domain.name - queries the DNS server for the information regarding domain.name

dig -x xx.xx.xx.xx - queries the reverse DNS information for IP address xx.xx.xx.xx from the DNS server.

dig has many other uses, too. Very useful tool. One useful parameter is @xx.xx.xx.xx which tells dig to use the DNS server at address xx.xx.xx.xx for the query.

named-checkzone domain.name domain.name.db - Run in the directory where the domain.name.db file is located, this checks that the file is correct.

nslookup domain.name - Gets the IP address and some other info.

named-checkzone manual page
nslookup manual page

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