Saturday, 20 November 2010

soundKonverter failing to convert FLAC to AAC

Looks like something was broken in Kubuntu 10.10 because converting FLACs to AACs seems to have stopped working in soundKonverter. I let Dolphin convert my CDs to FLAC and then use soundKonverter to convert them to AAC for iPod. Last time I did this (not too long ago) everything went smoothly, now soundKonverter just told me the conversion had failed.

After some digging I found out that the log was actually in ~/.kde/share/apps/soundkonverter/log (obviously I first looked in /var/log). The logs told me "Unknown encoder 'libfaac'". The package was there, though.

Googling, I came up with this page. I first tried installing ffmpeg, x264 and libx264-dev by hand, but that didn't help. But following the instructions to the letter did (though I use aptitude instead of apt-get). It's just somewhat annoying having to install packages outside of the package manager.

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  1. So many solutions to convert FLAC to AAC:

    1. Format Factory. A converter which supports convert FLAC to AAC;

    2. HandBrake: A converter and editor which has the feature of converting FLAC to AAC;

    3. A widely used method: Google Search "FLAC to AAC - Easily Convert FLAC to AAC on Mac and Windows", and you will find out a lots of solutions.