Monday, 13 June 2011

HTPC is dead, long live HTPC?

I haven't been happy with my HTPC box. UI is clunky, SW keeps crashing and the remote that came with the chassis is downright horrible. And rthere are still some issues to solve which I just can't be arsed with.

So an idea struck me on my way to work: I'll move the box next to my other PC. It has already Linux  - something I have been missing since I bought a new comp and it has plenty of processing power (iGPU is plenty enough for my use).

All I need is one of these and a DLNA server for Linux. There are plenty, I think I'll check out at least these (funny there doesn't seem to be any available from Ubuntu's repositories):

TVMobili looks like the prime candidate at the moment. Main requirement is that it can strem .ISO files since that's the format our DVDs are at the moment. And hopefully it won't have any problems with our Sony BD player.

If the free players don't work I could have a go with Wild Media Server.

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