Thursday 16 June 2011

Storing wishlists

I have been searching for a good way to store stuff that I want to buy in a meaningful place so that I can check them in a shop from my cell phone for a good time now. I tried some note taking applications but I didn't really find them easy enough to use.

I just came up with a solution that fits me. I have been using (as it was known before) to store bookmarks but I kind of stopped using it about two years when bookmark synchronization came to browsers (or rather I started using that feature). Bookmark sync isn't really useful for this sort of stuff, though, because it will just clutter your bookmarks folder. works better because it focused more on tag based browsing of your bookmarks so there is no problem having hundreds or even thousands of bookmarks stored there. So now I can just bookmark wishlist items and tag them accordingly (e.g. "books" and "wishlist"). In the store I'll just start up Andricious, and open bookmarks tagged "wishlist". Of course I need to do some cleaning once in a while to keep the list meaningful but then again, I'd need to do that with any system.

I like this approach because it is so flexible. Only real requirement is that the pages are named in a meaningful way (so that the name fits into the screen).

It will be interesting to see what happens to delicious now that it's moving to Yahoo. Hope they don't ruin it.

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