Wednesday 4 July 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

I did a clean install for Ubuntu 12.04 on my work machine and first impressions are not good. I keep getting internal errors for various stuff every five minutes or so. Plus Canonical really decided to make your life miserable. For instance it used to be easy to set system proxy settings. Obviously too easy, because now you have to install dconf-tools and use that. Alt+tab doesn't work either (and Canonical thinks it's not a bug) so you have to install Compiz settings manager (ccsm) and turn Application Switcher on (I found Static Application Switcher works better). 

And this only after about two hours, barely time to install a few things. Canonical really seems to want people to switch over to Mint, don't they?

BTW, which idiot at Google decided I don't need to set an ignore list for the proxy? There is no such setting in the proxy settings page any more, at least for Ubuntu 64-bit version.

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