Monday 27 August 2012

Marvel vs. Intel SATAIII

I had an interesting result when I moved my Samsung 830 256GB SSD drive from a Marvel SATAIII to Intel SATAIII port on my AsRock P67 Extreme4 mobo.

I originally had to put that and both my SSD's on the Marvel because Agility wouldn't be recognized by the BIOS otherwise. I just updated the firmware on the Agility to the latest one and this fixed the issue.

I was told that the Intel ports are much faster but it didn't look like it when comparing the results for the Agility (Marvel result on top):

So some results even dropped. But when comparing the Samsung results, whooppedoo!

That's one massive improvement there! This also shows what compression does, Agility compresses the data so CrystalDiskMark test gives a lot worse result for it than for Samsung. And just to make sure: 830 already had the latest firmware during the first test.

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