Tuesday 6 November 2012

Gnome tweaking

Default Gnome with Code Composer Studio (Texas Instruments' IDE based on Eclipse) has an annoying issue: tooltips are black text on black background. This obviously isn't very nice. The way to fix this is to install gnome-color-chooser and set the tooltip background color from there. Took me ages to figure out that this can't be set inside CCS.

Initially I set this to quite a bright color but Chrome OTOH uses a very light color as the font color, so that wasn't very good either. I have now settled for #C6C636 which works nicely both ways.

I also played around a bit with themes and found that Adwaite Cupertino SL as Window Theme and GTK+ theme and Ubuntu-mono-dark icon theme works best for me. These are installed by unzipping the packages to ~/.themes and selected using gnome-tweak-tool.