Friday 25 October 2013

Snippets, continued

I tried the snippet databases mentioned in my last post. I dropped DZone quickly without even trying it because it just looks ugly. SourcePod was interesting, but not really a database as there is no login. You can only find your old scripts from the same machine you submitted them.

That leaves Snipt and Snipplr. Here's what the embedded code looks like for Snipt:

And the same code for Snipplr:

I was eventually more drawn toward Snipplr but I'm starting to lean toward Snipplr for two reasons: first it looks like not much is happening at Snipplr any more. Last blog post was two years ago. API documentation is in one initial blog post years back. Snipt on the other hand seems to still be under active development. And Snipt is open source! Snipplr is still being used but it's still a bit disconcerning.

There are things in Snipplr I wish Snipt had. The embedded output for one, line numbers are nice. It also supports versions for each snippet.

Neither supports direct Git support. It would be nice to be able to pull your scripts occasionally so that if the service stops working I still have them readily available.

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